City Vacates Streets near Hospital

In the fall of 2018, the Shelton City Council approved a petition from Mason General Hospital to vacate Govey Drive and Mountain View Drive as part of the current expansion of the hospital facilities. The approved roadway vacation is scheduled to take effect on Wednesday, March 27, 2019.
This means that the City will no longer own or maintain the vacated roadways. Mason General Hospital plans to create additional parking and increase pedestrian friendly access to their facilities.

“The vacation of Govey Drive and Mountain View Drive allows for the creation of a much more pedestrian friendly parking scheme,” said City Planner Jason Dose. “If the right of way were to remain the same, over time, more and more people would have to cross city streets to access the hospital from the parking lot. This allows for a much more integrated design.”

As part of the vacation process, the property was appraised to determine its fair market value. Mason General Hospital was required to compensate the City an appraised value of $140,000 for the vacation of both streets.

Once the roadway vacation takes effect on the 27th, Mason General Hospital will supervise access to the property in accordance with all applicable City ordinances.