Bill Protects Dead from Identity Thieves

Even when you’re dead, you could still become a victim of identity theft. Legislation that passed the House of Representatives Monday would make it harder for identity thieves to get personal information of people who have died. Washington House Republicans’Brian Messing reports from the state Capitol.

MESSING: Nearly 800-thousand decedents are intentionally targeted in the United States every year by identity thieves. Vancouver Republican Representative Larry Hoff wants to stop them!

Hoff’s legislation, House Bill 1799, would allow state and local registrars to issue short-form death certificates . . . that would keep sensitive personal information out of the public domain.

HOFF: “It removes the Social Security number of the decedent, their parents’ names, and the cause of death. Those elements actually were prevalent in a recent attempt at identity theft through a constituent, so I would recommend passage of this bill.”

The measure passed the House unanimously. It now goes to the Senate for further consideration. Brian Messing, Olympia