Expanding High Speed Broadband

Better, faster, cheaper broadband internet for less-populous areas of the state? Olympia has a plan. Dan Frizzell with the Washington State House Democratic Caucus has more.

HUDGINS: “The internet these days is almost impossible to live without.  There are huge swaths of the state that don’t have very fast connection. And it hinders opportunities in education and economics and all over the spectrum of what we want to be as a state.”

Representative Zack Hudgins chairs the House Committee on Innovation, Technology, and Economic Development.  So it’s not surprising that the Tukwila Democrat would be sponsoring a bill that aims to make high-speed broadband internet available in every corner of the state. It’s an ambitious plan, one that he compares to the rural electrification efforts of the Roosevelt era.

HUDGINS: “That’s a great model to think about, how we lived in this state without electricity in a lot of places, and the government really helped push out, through partnerships with the private sector and partnerships with local government, electricity to every household. And now we need to think about how we do that same kind of partnering to try and get more internet in more places, and then make it faster.”

The fate of Hudgins’ broadband bill is in the hands of the House budget panel, which has till March first to send it on to the full House.  In Olympia, I’m Dan Frizzell.