Capital Levies Failing

The three capital levies sent to voters in Southside, Pioneer and Hood Canal school districts to pay for each district’s share of the cost to expand and renovate Shelton High School are failing.

After ballots were counted Tuesday night, the capital levies in Southside and Pioneer failed to reach 50 percent approval while Hood Canal’s two levies were above 50 percent, the capital levy didn’t reach the 60 percent required to pass.

Southside’s four-year Capital Levy received 49.7 percent approval. That’s 247 voting “yes” and 250 voting “no.”

Pioneer’s three-year Capital Levy received 48.99 percent approval. 1,288 voting “yes” and 1,341 voting “no”.

Hood Canal School District voters were supportive of the three-year Replacement Educational Programs & Operations Levy with 58.82 percent approval (1,024 voting “yes” and 717 voting “no”) but the District’s three-year Capital Levy came received 53.02 percent approval (935 “yes” votes and 796 “no” votes) well under the 60 percent needed.

Additional ballots will be counted today (Wednesday, February 13th).