Homeless Housing Grant Proposals Sought

Mason County’s Department of Community Services announced the
Request for Proposal Application for Homeless Housing Grants is now open for the 2019 2021 grant term.

The Homeless Housing Grant Program includes funds from the Consolidated Homeless Grant ( CHG) and the Local Document Recording Fees ( Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill ( ESSHB) 2163) administered by Mason County. Mason County Community Services is responsible for contracting and compliance activities related to these homeless housing funds.

These funds provide resources to agencies that respond to the immediacy and urgency of homelessness and make sure that everyone has a safe and appropriate place to live. Homelessness is prevented whenever possible, or if it can’ t be prevented, it is a rare, brief and one- time experience as part of the Homeless Crisis Response System. Mason County Community Services is committed to supporting agencies that have a primary objective of ending homelessness in Mason County.

The RFP Application materials can be found on the Mason County website under Request for Proposals at: http://www.co. mason.wa.us/

Todd Parker
Mason County Housing & Behavioral Health Program Coordinator
415 N. 6″ St.
Shelton, WA 98584
Phone: ( 360) 427- 9670 ext. 293
Email: tparker@co.mason.wa.us