Sheriff Salisbury Takes Position on I-1639

[Video] Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury voiced his position on Initiative 1639 that was passed by voters last fall. I-1639 raises the legal age to buy semiautomatic rifles — widely described as assault rifles — from 18 to 21. And enacts a new storage law that requires gun owners to secure their firearms, or risk criminal penalties.

Sheriff Salisbury, like many other sheriff’s in the State, said he has instructed his deputies to “take no enforcement action” as it pertains to I-1639 but asks them to “document circumstances” if they “come across such matters” in their duties. Salisbury also told his deputies to refer the matter to the Mason County Prosecutor’s Office for review “when appropriate.”

Sheriff Salisbury made is comments during Tuesday’s Mason County Commission meeting. He also sent the memo below to his staff.

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  1. It is the duty of a Sheriff to enforce the rule of law, not interpret its constitutionality. That responsibility falls to the courts.

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