New Code of Conduct in Olympia

Lawmakers in Olympia voted Thursday to adopt a code of conduct that could make the Capitol a safer place for visitors, staff, lobbyists, and legislators themselves. Dan Frizzell from the Washington State House Democratic Caucus has that story.

WRAP: The state House has OK’d a sweeping set of rules to prevent and deal with the kind of sexual harassment, bullying, or interpersonal power plays that led to the resignation or defeat of three lawmakers in the past several months. The code, which applies to the Senate as well, sets up an independent office to receive and investigate reports of unacceptable behavior. The new rules were written by lawmakers, staff, and lobbyists who held countless meetings since last year with the goal of making the Capitol campus an example for the rest of the state of what a respectful workplace would look like.  Seattle Representative Nicole Macri was a lead Democratic member of that task force.

MACRI: “It wasn’t only about protecting the people who work here in the Legislature.  To me it was really, really tied to our responsibility to all the people of Washington. Because if we can’t get it right here, how are we as a Legislature going to play a role in getting it right anywhere else in our state?”

Macri say it was no accident that 98-to-nothing vote on the code of conduct was the first piece of legislative floor action in the 2019 session.  In Olympia, I’m Dan Frizzell.