City Adjusts Design & Construction Standards

This week, the Shelton City Council approved a series of recommended adjustments to the City’s Design & Construction Standards for 2019. The Design & Construction Standards are intended to assist, advise, guide, and direct those who propose to conduct any new development or redevelopment within the City of Shelton.

The standards are applicable to all new construction, reconstruction, and facility upgrades inside the City of Shelton, applicable utility service areas, and portions of Mason County that are within the City’s Urban Growth Area.

In general, design and construction standards are intended to ensure that consist planning, engineering, and construction practices are used on all projects throughout the City. This is an important aspect of public safety. Design and construction standards include minimum requirements for things like fire protection, structural integrity, air quality, usability,
accessibility, and energy efficiency. They anticipate everyday use needs, as well as emergency procedures in the event that something goes wrong – like a fire.

The City of Shelton Design & Construction Standards can be found on the City’s website: