PUD 3 Moving NM Customer Service Office

On January 22, Mason PUD 3 will move its North Mason customer service office to the business core of Belfair. The new customer service location will be at 24081 Highway 3, Suite B, adjacent to the Olympia Federal Savings building.

The Belfair Line Crew will continue to be based and dispatched from its current Highway 3 location south of Belfair. This allows for a continued high level of service and response to the area.

Annette Creekpaum, PUD 3 manager, said the customer service move will provide a stronger presence in the Belfair area, easier access for customer services, and a safer location for customers and staff

Safety is a top priority for the PUD. The PUD’s board of commissioner’s decision to relocate the customer service offices was based on:

  • Increased traffic on State Route 3 which has resulted in accidents and near misses from cars entering and exiting the warehouse.
  • The remote location of the building and distance from emergency services. The safety and security of the small staff was concerning.
  • Retaining the customer service function at the old location would have required extensive safety retrofits.

For Mason PUD 3 customers from the Tahuya Peninsula, North Shore Road, and other areas surrounding Belfair, the downtown central location is ideal.

For convenience, customers may use a new payment drop box at the new office. Customers may also visit my.pud3.org and manage their accounts online using SmartHub.