Limited Access to Olympic National Park

During the partial Federal government shutdown, Olympic National Park will remain open with limited access. Due to recent storm damage and high winds, most park roads and campgrounds were closed and will now remain closed during the shutdown. 

All park visitor centers, restrooms, contact stations, and permit desks will be closed. No visitor services will be provided. Hurricane Ridge Road will remain closed to public vehicle access with no regular plowing. Visitors may use park trails at their own risk.

Park visitors are asked to use extreme caution if choosing to enter the park, as personnel will not be available to provide normal levels of assistance and emergency response. Cell phone coverage is not consistent within the park and in many places is unavailable. Entry during the federal shutdown is at visitors’ sole risk.

The Kalaloch Lodge and Lake Crescent Lodge will remain open with overnight lodging, gift shop, and dining room. Lake Crescent Lodge operates through January 2, 2019.