General Election Results Updated 7 PM 11/7/18

More ballots from Tuesday’s General Election were counted Wednesday. There are no significant changes in the latest numbers.

Sharon Trask still leads Kevin Schmelzlen for Mason County Commissioner District 3. That lead is now 988 votes. Trask has 11, 018 votes (52.35%) while Schmelzlen has 10,030 votes (47.65%).

Incumbent Casey Salisbury maintains a substantial lead on Darin Holland for Mason County Sheriff. Salisbury has garnered 65.74 percent of the vote (13, 639 votes) to Holland’s 34.27 percent (7,112 votes).

Patti McLean increased her lead slightly on incumbent Melody Peterson for Mason County Assessor. McLean has a 1,690-vote lead with 11,015 votes (54.15%) while Peterson has 9,325 votes (48.85%).

In the race for Mason County Auditor, Paddy McGuire leads Charles Rhodes now 51.15 percent (10, 218 vote) to 48.84 percent (9,758 votes).

George Steele leads Eric Valley for Mason County District Court Judge. Steel has 10,570 votes (58.87%) to Valley’s 7,390 votes (41.13%).

The merger of Mason County Fire District No. 9 into Fire District No. 16 continues to pass with 82.17 percent approval. That’s 516 voting for the merger and 112 voting against.

The incumbents continue to lead in the 35th Legislative District races.

Tim Sheldon has a 2,120-vote lead on Irene Bowling for State Senator. Shelton has 24,115 votes (52.3%) while Bowling has 21,995 votes (47.7%).

Dan Griffey has a 15-percent lead on James Thomas for State Representative Position 1. Griffey has garnered 57.52 percent of the vote (29,030 votes) to Thomas’ 42.48 percent (21,442 votes).

There is a closer race for State Representative Position 2 with Drew MacEwen leading David Daggett by 1,406 votes (2.78%). MacEwen has 51.39 percent (25,943 votes) to Daggett’s 48.61 percent (24,537 votes).

Election officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office have now counted 22,089 ballots increasing the turnout to 56.36 percent.
22,089 ballots increasing the turnout to 56.36 percent. Officials have over 5,000 ballots on hand that will be counted Thursday.