General Election Results as of 10 PM 11/6/18

After initial results from Tuesday’s General Election, Trask, Salisbury, McLean, McGuire, Steele, Sheldon, Griffey, and MacEwen lead their respective races. Fire District merger is passing. Carbon fee failing. Firearms and law enforcement measures are passing.

Sharon Trask has a 978-vote lead on Kevin Schmelzlen for Mason County Commissioner District 3. That’s 9,778 voting for Trask (52.63%) to 8,800 for Schmelzlen (47.37%). This position is currently held by Terri Drexler who did not seek re-election.

Incumbent Casey Salisbury has a sizable lead on challenger Darin Holland for Mason County Sheriff. Salisbury has 12,002 votes (65.59%) to Holland’s 6,296 votes (34.41%).

In the race for Mason County Assessor, challenger Patti McLean has 1,370-vote lead on incumbent Melody Peterson. McLean has 9,656 votes (53.82%) to Peterson’s 8,286 votes (46.18%).

For Mason County Auditor, Paddy McGuire is leading Charles Rhodes 51.17% to 48.83%. McGuire has 9,031 votes to Rhodes’ 8,619. This seat is currently held by Karen Herr who is retiring at the end of the year.

George Steele leads Eric Valley in the race for Mason County District Court Judge. Steele has 59.41 percent of the vote (9,402 votes) and Valley has 40.59% (6,424 votes). This position is currently held by Victoria Meadows who is retiring.

The merger of Mason County Fire District No. 9 into to Fire District 16 is receiving overwhelming approval with 82.64 percent. That’s 419 voting in favor of the merger and 88 voting against.

In the 35th Legislative District, incumbent Tim Sheldon leads Irene Bowling by 1,950 votes for State Senator. Sheldon has garnered 52.37 percent (21,573 votes) while Bowling has 47.63 percent (19,623 votes).

Incumbent Dan Griffey has a sizable lead on challenger James Thomas for 35th District State Representative Position 1. Griffey has 25,915 votes (57.36%) to Thomas’ 19,261 votes (42.64%).

In the race for 35th District State Representative Position 2, incumbent Drew MacEwen leads challenger David Daggett by 1,297 votes. MacEwen has 51.44 percent (23,239 votes) to Daggett’s 48.56 percent (21,942 votes).

In the 6th Congressional District, incumbent Democrat Derek Kilmer has 62.82 percent of the vote while Republican Douglas Dightman received 37.18 percent.

In the 10th Congressional District, incumbent Democrat Denny Heck leads with 60.88 percent to Republican Josph Brumbles’ 39.12 percent.

Incumbent Democrat Maria Cantwell has 58.6 percent of the vote in the U.S. Senate race. Republican challenger Susan Hutchison is receiving 41.4 percent.

The carbon tax initiative (I-1631) is failing with 56.3 percent voting against.

Initiative 1634, the measure to stop new taxes on certain grocery items is passing with 54.78 percent voting “Yes”.

The firearms measure, I-1639, is passing with 60.35 percent approval.

Initiative 940 concerning law enforcement is passing with 59.2 percent.

More ballots will be counted Wednesday.