Watch Mason County Commission

[LIVE VIDEO] Watch the November 6, 2018 Mason County Commission meeting. There are three ways to watch live at 9 AM: or Mason County’s website ( You can also watch on demand on or Mason County’s website: Rebroadcasts on Hood Canal Communications’ local channel are Thursday at 6 PM, Saturday at 2 PM and Sunday at 9 AM.

Here is the meeting’s agenda:

Commission Chambers – 9:00 a.m.
411 North Fifth Street, Shelton WA 98584
November 6, 2018

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll Call

4. Correspondence and Organizational Business

4.1 Correspondence

4.2 Staff recognition Staff: Ross McDowell

4.3 Lewis, Mason Thurston Area Agency on Aging Update – Nicole Kiddoo

5. Open Forum for Citizen Input (5 minutes per person, 15 minutes time limit)
If you wish to address the Commission, raise your hand to be recognized by the Chair. When you have been recognized, please step up to the microphone and give your name and address before your comments. The Mason County Commission is committed to maintaining a meeting atmosphere of mutual respect and speakers are encouraged to honor this principle.

6. Adoption of Agenda
Items appearing on the agenda after “Item 10. Public Hearings”, may be acted upon before 9:30 a.m.

7. Approval of Minutes – October 15 Briefing Minutes and September 4, September 18, and October 2, 2018 Regular Meeting Minutes.

8. Approval of Action Agenda: All items listed under the “Action Agenda” may be enacted by one motion unless a Commissioner or citizen requests an item be removed from the Action Agenda and considered as a separate item.

8.1 Approval to set two public hearings on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. to 1) review the performance of and close out the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for $269,210 ending September 30, 2018 and 2) re-apply for up to an additional $200,000 to extend the program and inform citizens of the availability of funds and eligible uses of the state Community Development Block Grant and receive comments on proposed activities, specifically a Local Microenterprise Assistance Program.

8.2 Approval to authorize the County Engineer to procure the services necessary to complete a timber harvesting-thinning project on parcel 42004-30-60000 and execute the contract(s) for these services.

8.3 Approval to use two free cleanup days under the County’s contract with Republic Services to provide free services to residents during the United Ways Day of Caring Program for 2019.

8.4 Approval of the 2018 Mason County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan, which includes a waste reduction and recycling element.

8.5 Approval to set a hearing on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. to consider the 2018 Open Space applications and an amendment to a 2017 Current Use application from Kim & John Oliver.

8.6 Approval of Warrants & Treasure Electronic Remittances
Claims Clearing Fund Warrant #s 8059943-8060261 $ 1,021,887.57
Direct Deposit Fund Warrant #s 53879-54264 $ 689,056.90
Salary Clearing Fund Warrant #s 7003984-7004011 $ 477,924.13

8.7 Approval for the Mason County Board of Equalization to hear timely filed appeals for the 2018 assessment year.

8.8 Approval to pay Todd Cannon, Genie McFarland and Grace Miller 10% Lead Pay through December 31, 2019 for Lead Worker assigned duties.

8.9 Approval of the Contract for Professional Services between Mason County and Strengthening Foundations Counseling, LLC, to continue Functional Family Therapy services with probation youth and families.

8.10 Approval to amend the purchase price for parcel #32019-51-08001 for 414 W. Franklin Street to $900,000 and authorize the Chair to sing any pertinent documents. This purchase will be from the Real Estate Excise Tax 1 Fund (REET 1).

9. Other Business (Department Heads and Elected Officials)

10. 9:30 a.m. Public Hearings and Items Set for a Certain Time

10.1 Public Hearing to consider the resolution adopting the 2019 Annual Construction Program. Staff: Jerry Hauth and Loretta Swanson

10.2 Public Hearing to consider the resolution adopting the 2019-2024 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program. Staff: Jerry Hauth and Loretta Swanson

10.3 Public Hearing to consider the rezone of parcel #12328-23-00011 from Medium Density Residential (R-5) to Multi Family Residential (R-10) within the Belfair Urban Growth Area. Staff: Kell Rowen

11. Board’s Reports and Calendar

12. Adjournment

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