County Commission Meeting in Hoodsport

The Mason County Commission is holding their “Fifth Tuesday” meeting in Hoodsport Tuesday. The meeting will be held at the Hoodsport Fire Hall (Mason County Fire District 1 Station), 331 E. Finch Creek Road beginning at 1 PM. During the meeting, Commissioners will provide an opportunity for general public comment before hearing about the Washington State Department’s Traffic Safety Study from WSDOT’s Dennis Engel; talk about on-line permitting with Kristopher Nelsen from the County’s Department of Community Development; get an update on the proposed Public Benefit Rating System from Kell Rowen from DCD; and discuss septic systems with Dave Windom, Director of the County’s Community Services Department. 

For those unable to attend, MasonWebTV Powered by HCC will broadcast the meeting live:

Please Note: This broadcast relies on mobile/cellular broadband connection as wired or Wi-Fi connections are not available. Failure of connection or slow speeds due to limited or poor cellular signal may cause buffering, interruptions and/or poor picture quality.  We apologize for any inconvenience. If there is a failure, MasonWebTV Powered by HCC will post a complete video as soon as possible.