Ron Pannell Memorialized at Northcliff Park

Pictured left to right: Margaret Taylor, Ron Pannell Jr., Dawn Pannell, Leroy Valley, Mike Gill, Julie Rowen, Mark Ziegler

Ron Pannell, known by many as “Mr. Kiwanis”, was memorialized at Northcliff Neighborhood Park last week with a sign and garbage can installed by Kristmas Town Kiwanis.

“Ron is definitely smiling about the garbage can installation,” said Dawn Pannell. “He would appreciate its practicality, and the bit of humor it represents.”

Ron was the consummate volunteer in Shelton. He led a variety of community projects, including the annual Christmas decorations and flower baskets in downtown, and litter pickups throughout Shelton. Ron’s regular litter collection route included Northcliff Road, near his home and the park, leading into downtown Shelton.

“The garbage can is an amenity that not only represents the work Ron put into the community, but a useful location near bus stops and the neighborhood park,” said Director of Community Development Mark Ziegler.