Political Op/Ed: Don’t vote for a District Court candidate who is on probation

As a property owner in Mason County, I am concerned about one candidate who is running for Mason County District Court judge. Eric S. Valley has been reprimanded at least three times by state ethics boards and clearly lacks the judgment to be a judge. In 2012 Valley was reprimanded by the Washington State Bar Association for mishandling funds of his client by “failure to safeguard client property.” In 2014, facing disbarment by the New York Bar Association, Valley resigned from the New York Bar for failing to file required paperwork. In its filing, the Bar Association noted two incidents in Washington State where he was reprimanded. Then, in 2016 Valley was reprimanded again in Washington for “negligently” mishandling yet another client’s money. In fact, Valley is still on probation until at least December of this year and will be on probation when you vote in November. Valley has tried to minimize these infractions by saying they were “inadvertent.” Ok, maybe you can give a one-time break but not three times. In my book, three strikes and you are out.

David Cook, Shelton