Community Partners Restore Log Monument

SH Log Monument Recognition
Left to Right: Mike Deseguirant and Dan Dixon of Sierra Pacific Industries, Leroy Valley of Kristmas Town Kiwanis, and Andrew Spear, Julie Nichols, and Patti Tupper of Mason County Master Builders.

The Shelton City Council recognized several members of the community Tuesday evening for their work on the restoration of the iconic Shelton Log Monument at Overlook Park.

In July, crews started the much needed restoration, including sanding off excess dirt and graffiti, applying various protective sealers, and repainting the routed text. This effort was funded by a generous donation from the Mason County Master Builders. Builders FirstSource of Shelton donated the marine grade varnish and other supplies used to restore the log, which are critical to protecting the monument from the elements and harmful water intrusion.

Kristmas Town Kiwanis pressure washed the monument’s concrete foundation and planted flowers throughout Overlook Park.

The talented staff at Sierra Pacific Industries completed repairs on the metal base that holds the logs on the concrete foundation. They also fabricated and installed new metal brackets on the back of the ten-foot cross section of Douglas Fir, insuring the monument remains safely secured in place.



“The community partnerships in Shelton are outstanding,” said Community Development Director Mark Ziegler. “The success of this project is a direct result of giving and caring from generous businesses, service clubs, and individuals who work to make Shelton a great place to live”.

The Shelton Log Monument is made from a 10’ x 2.5’ cross section of Douglas Fir, cut during the Grisdale operation of the Simpson Logging Company. The Douglas Fir used to build the monument was 224 feet tall and 664 years old when it was cut down in 1953. The upper half is engraved with the “City of Shelton”, followed by “Home of the Evergreen Forest”. The monument was erected by the Mason County Forest Festival Association in 1953 in commemoration of 100 years of commercial logging in Mason County from 1853 – 1953. A short insert in the Story of the Monument states, “The monument is dedicated to keeping green forests and to preserving forever the source of raw materials which provide work and happy living for all of us.”

Shelton artisans Rudy Werberger, Gil Oswald, A. D. Clarence Beauchamp, and Dave James originally counted the rings on the log and made a timeline of significant historical events. Rings marked with dates in white letters depict important events in world history, such as the Great Plague of 1348, the birth of Galileo in 1564, the landing of the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock in 1620, and the commencement of the first logging activities in Mason County in 1853.

Thanks to the recent community effort to restore and preserve the monument, it will continue to serve as an important historic landmark, welcoming visitors and residents to downtown Shelton for generations to come.