City Gets Funds to Clean Up Landfill

[VIDEO] The City of Shelton has been granted enough funds that should cover the clean up of the “C” Street Landfill.

In 2015, the Washington State Department of Ecology entered into an agreement with the City to provide funding for the cleanup of the landfill through a $215,000 Toxics Cleanup Remedial Action Grant. The City had a 25% match to implement an Interim Action Plan, conduct site assessments and remedial investigations, and complete a feasibility study. The City hired Aspect Consulting to complete a thorough investigation of the landfill and the agreement with Ecology has been extended allowing Aspect to complete soil testing and ground water investigation.

In August, the Shelton City Council approved another contract change with Aspect Consulting increasing expenditures in anticipation of additional funding to complete the remaining work.

According to the City’s Public Works Director, Craig Gregory, staff worked with the Department of Ecology to secure an additional $600,000 in State funds. Combined with the City’s 25% match requirement, provides an additional $800,000 in funds to complete the Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study, and progress to the Design and Cleanup Construction phases.

The Shelton City Council unanimously approved the latest amendment to the agreement with Ecology. Here is the full Council discussion.

The C Street Landfill is west of downtown Shelton and U.S. Highway 101. The Landfill was actively used as a dumping site for various industrial, municipal, and other waste for much of the 1900’s.