Oakland Bay Marina Topic of Discussion

Tuesday, Oakland Bay Marina was a topic of discussion for the Port of Shelton Commission and the Shelton City Council during separate meetings.

During the Port Commissioners’ meeting that afternoon, Oakland Bay Marina was removed from the Port’s Comprehensive Plan as the Port moves toward surplussing the marina and possibly selling it. For the past six months, Port officials have been considering their options on the future of the Shelton marina since the marina’s south dock needs repairs that are estimated to cost close to $3 Million. The Port’s options include borrowing money to repair the dock, increasing moorage rates to fund those repairs, selling the marina or creating a public/private partnership to management and/or develop the marina.

The Port of Shelton has held several public forums on the topic and has contacted the City of Shelton which, in 1950, deeded 12 parcels of Oakland Bay tidelands to the Port of Shelton for the marina.

That deed included restrictions that the property only be used for Port District purposes and those parcels could revert back to City ownership if the Port declares the property surplus.

City staff brought the topic to the Shelton City Council Tuesday night.

The City Council plans to hold a study session on the Oakland Bay Marina in the near future.