Maple Fire More Active

Winds pushed activity on the Maple Fire and the wildfire burning in the Olympic National Forest near Hamma Hamma is now 1,727 acres and 44% contained.

Looking at the Maple Fire from the 2502 Road

However, the Maple Fire remains within the identified containment lines and firefighters are monitoring growth along Jefferson Ridge as the wildfire continues to slowly creep to the west. Crews will focus on holding and improving roads, rivers and creeks where the fire is currently held in check. The fire is expected to continue burning and emitting smoke until steady, seasonal rains extinguish this wildfire.

The Type 3 incident management team, which took over Friday, is working to meet objectives identified by the Olympic National Forest (NF) and the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR). No private land has burned or is at risk.

The ever-present risk of both live and dead trees falling remains in the fire area, where root systems have been burned off or severely compromised. Some exposed roots are perched on top of the ground and these trees are falling unpredictably, presenting a major risk to firefighter safety.

Given these hazardous conditions, recreationists hoping to hike the Lena Creek Trail over Labor Day Weekend are being asked to plan a different destination. This popular trailhead lies within the established closure area based on proximity to the fire.

Other CLOSED Olympic National Forest recreation sites include Living Legacy Interpretive Loop (#802), Upper/Lena Lake Trail (#810 and #811), Beaver Pond Loop (#815), Putvin Trail (#813), Mildred Lakes Trail (#822), Jefferson Ridge/Lakes Trail (#808), and Upper/Lower Elk Lake Trail (#805). Facility closures include Hamma Hamma Cabin & Campground; Lena Creek and Lena Lake Campgrounds.

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) remains in place over the Maple Fire area, restricting access for all unauthorized aircraft including drones. If a drone flies over a wildfire, all aircraft must be grounded, which can drastically inhibit critical fire suppression efforts. Flying any aircraft within the TFR is prohibited and violators will be prosecuted.