Watch Shelton City Council

Watch the August 21, 2018 Shelton City Council meeting. There are two ways to watch the council meeting live at 7 PM: and You can also watch on demand on or Rebroadcasts on Hood Canal Communications’ local channel are Thursday at 3 PM and Saturday at 9 AM.

Here is the meeting’s agenda:

City of Shelton Council Agenda
Shelton Civic Center
August 21, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

A. Call to Order

• Pledge of Allegiance

B. Council Reports

C. General Public Comment (3-minute time limit per person)
The City Council invites members of the public to provide comment on any topic at this time. City Council members and City Staff will not enter into a dialogue during public comment. If the Council feels an issue requires follow up, staff will be directed to respond at an appropriate time.

D. Consent Agenda: (Tab 1) (Action)

1. Voucher numbered 18305 in the amount of $9,640.45

2. Vouchers numbered 18318 through 18415 in the amount of $1,115,696.32

E. Business Agenda (Study/No Action/No Public Comment)

1. Access Shelton Concept – Presented by Public Works Director Craig Gregory (Tab 2)

2. Residential Paving Contract – Presented by Public Works Director Craig Gregory (Tab 3)

3. Ordinance No. 1927-0818 Revised Budget for 2018 – Presented by Interim Finance Director Teri Schnitzer (Tab 4)

F. Action Agenda (Action/Public Comment Taken)

1. Resolution No. 1135-0818 Approve 2019 Legislative Agenda – Presented by Communications & Economic Development Officer Andy Arnes (Tab 5)

2. Civic Center Rotating Art Gallery Recommendations – Presented by Community Development  Director Mark Ziegler (Tab 6)

3. Aspect Contract Change No. 4 – Presented by Public Works Director Craig Gregory (Tab 7)

4. Satellite Waste Water Treatment Plant Reclaimed Tank Design Contract – Presented by Public Works Director Craig Gregory (Tab 8)

5. Well 1 Rehab Project Design Services – Presented by Public Works Director Craig Gregory (Tab 9)

6. Resolution No. 1136-0818 Vacation of Govey Dr. & Mountain View Dr. – Presented by Public Works Director Craig Gregory (Tab 10)

G. Administration Reports

1. Update on SRO – Presented by Police Chief Darrin Moody

2. City Manager Report – Presented by Interim City Manager Vicki Look

H. Announcement of Next Meeting—September 4, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

I. Adjourn

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