City Construction Schedule 8/20 to 8/24

Crews continue working on several infrastructure improvement projects in Shelton that are impacting traffic around the City. This construction includes the Basin 3 Sewer Rehabilitation Project, Downtown Connector Project, Turner Avenue Revitalization Project, and Cascade Natural Gas. As a reminder, there are several temporary traffic revisions and lane closures in effect in the downtown area. Traffic revisions mentioned in this update are subject to change without notice, and may not include all potential revisions and/or lane closures that could be implemented. Here are where crews are working August 20 to August 24.

Downtown Connector Project:

  • Olympic Highway North will be open. The roadway is reduced to two lanes, one in each direction.
  • Work Areas:
    1. Along Alder St. between 3rd St. and 7th St., no anticipated closures.
    2. Between Alder St. and Birch St. from 3rd. St. to 7th St., no anticipated closures.

Basin 3 Sewer Rehabilitation Project:

  • The following work areas will be closed during work hours, approximately 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM:
    1. 1st St. will be closed between Pine St. and Birch St. Suggested detours will be marked. Northcliff Road will remain accessible from Birch St. (Traffic will be allowed north and south in the east lane of 1st St. between Pine St. and Birch St. starting later in the week.)
    2. Alder St. will be closed between 1st St. and 2nd St.
    3. Between the intersection of 1st St. & Alder St. and the North Front St. & Highway 3 intersection. Local access only.

Cascade Natural Gas:

  • Railroad Avenue will be reduced to one lane intermittently during work hours west of Pacific Ct.

Turner Avenue Revitalization Project:

  • No closures on Turner Ave this week.