Maple Fire Update 8/14/18

The Maple Fire, the wildfire burning in the Olympic National Forest near Hamma Hamma, hasn’t grown in three days, remains at 1,245 acres in size and is now 40% contained.


On Monday crews improved fireline by clearing and chipping roadside brush on the south side of the fire along Forest Road 2401. Excavators with a masticator attachment completed clearing the brush on the north side of the fire along Forest Road 25. Crews also completed brushing around the Hamma Hamma Cabin to help protect it.

The fire edge adjacent to Jefferson Creek has not moved for three days, thereby limiting fire growth. Heavy fuels such as logs and stumps continue to burn and smolder putting up smoke. Fire crews continued to secure the fireline by extinguishing or removing burning material from control lines along the eastern edge of the fire.


On Tuesday fire crews continued brushing along Forest Road 2441, extinguished burning material and cut hazard trees to improve firefighter safety along Forest Road 2480, and to monitor fire growth on the north

Due to the steep, inaccessible terrain, firefighters will not engage on the west flank of the fire on Jefferson Ridge. Residents and visitors to the area will continue to see smoke. The long term strategy is to keep the fire between Forest Road 25 and Forest Road 2401 while monitoring fire behavior and progression to the west.

With weather warming and drying, temperatures nearing the 90s and humidity less than 30 percent, fire will be more active. Visitors in the Hood Canal and surrounding areas may continue to see smoke.

The Olympic National Forest has closed several roads including Forest Roads 25, 2502, 2421, 2401, 2441, 2401, 2421, and 2480. Trail closures have been issued for Living Legacy Interpretive Loop (#802), Upper/Lena Lake Trail (#810 & #811), Beaver Pond Loop (#815), Putvin Trail (#813), Mildred Lakes Trail (#822), Jefferson Ridge/Lakes Trail (#808), and Upper/Lower Elk Lake Trail (#805). Facility closures include Hamma Hamma Cabin & Campground; Lena Creek and Lena Lake Campgrounds.

There are no evacuations in place.

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) remains in place over the Maple Fire area, restricting access for all unauthorized aircraft including drones. Anytime a drone flies over a wildfire all aircraft must be grounded, which can drastically inhibit critical fire suppression efforts. Flying any aircraft within the TFR is prohibited and violators will be prosecuted.