Primary Ballots Due Tuesday

Ballots for the Primary Election need to be returned to the Mason County Auditor’s Office by 8 PM Tuesday or have a postmark no later than August 7th. There are several ballot drop box locations but no postage is necessary for those mailing in their ballots.

There are over 38,000 active registered voters in Mason County who are deciding the top two candidates who will advance to the General Election regardless of party.

Voters will decide the top two candidates in numerous races including U.S. Senate. Mason County has two Congressional Districts (6th & 10th), so there is a race for U.S. Representative on the primary ballot as well.

The 35th Legislative District encompasses all of Mason County, so you are deciding races for the two positions for State Representative and State Senator for which there are five candidates. (Click here to view interviews with the candidates running for State Senate.)

Mason County voters will also see races for all county offices including Auditor which has one name on the ballot, Paddy McGuire, but two official write-in candidates: Charles Rhodes and Steve Van Denover.

There are also five candidates running for Mason County District Court Judge. (Click here to view interviews with the candidates running for judge.)

And those in Mason County Commissioner District 3, (basically the City of Shelton, Shorecrest and Timberlakes) have four candidates from which to choose. (Click here to view interviews with the candidates running for County Commission.)

MasonWebTV Powere by HCC will have election results once they are released after 8 PM Tuesday.

** Specific results from write-in candidates will not be released until the election is certified.