City Council Approves Lease with YMCA

The Shelton City Council approved a lease with the South Sound YMCA Tuesday night. This lease is for a 10.55-acre, city owned parcel on the corner of Shelton Springs Road and Wallace Kneeland Boulevard, east of Oakland Bay Junior High and Shelton High School.

Unanimous action came after an hour of discussion between the city’s attorney, Jon Collins, and the attorneys for the YMCA, Rick Hoss and Rob Wilson-Hoss. This discussion was continued wordsmithing of the lease and at times was similar to arguments before a judge.

Many of the issues discussed had been worked out during a special meeting Monday night. However, when those clauses were written into the lease, the wording was changed enough to create contention between the lawyers.

Collins wanted to make the lease language more specific while Hoss and Wilson-Hoss continually said the YMCA will follow all city regulations as any other developer and the specific language is not necessary.

For the second time in two nights, Council Members came up with a compromise and approved the 60-year lease for $1 a year to the cheers of many in attendance.

The South Sound YMCA will now begin raising the funds necessary to build a traditional YMCA facility (no less than 29,500 square feet) that will include a swimming pool and public use space. If all goes as planned, groundbreaking would be in July 2020 with substantial completion by July 2022.

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