Patriot Guard Riders to Honor Veteran in Shelton

On Saturday, July 7, 2018, the Shelton Police Department will be providing a police escort through downtown Shelton for the Washington Patriot Guard Riders. The Patriot Guard Riders are coming to Shelton to honor US Marine Corps Veteran Sergeant Milan Franklin with an escort and flag line en route to an honorary ceremony at the Shelton Civic Center to kickoff the start of the building process for Sergeant Franklin’s new Homes for Our Troops home.

Sergeant Milan Franklin was serving in Afghanistan in 2011 when he stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). As a result, he lost both his legs and a portion of one hand. The Sergeant spent several years in rehabilitation at Walter Reed and Naval Medical Center San Diego. As part of his rehabilitation, he received a service dog, which got him interested in training service dogs for other Veterans. Sergeant Franklin and his wife now train service dogs for Veterans suffering from PTSD. Sergeant Franklin says this is his attempt to give back for all the things that others have done for him.

Sergeant Franklin still faces several challenges, including living in a house where the doorways and halls are too narrow for his wheel chair. This new home will help to make life more comfortable for him and his family.

Homes for Our Troops is a nationwide organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans to enable them to rebuild their lives. Homes for Our Troops has built over 200 homes for injured Veterans, and there are more than 90 Veteran home
building projects currently underway.

In true Marine Corps fashion, Sergeant Franklin would like to thank those who have helped with his recovery, and those that are currently working to make his life better.

Please join us in honoring one of our nation’s heroes.

The Patriot Guard Riders will convene at the downtown Safeway at 9:00 AM and then make their way through downtown Shelton towards the Shelton Civic Center, arriving at approximately 10:00 AM. The Honorary Ceremony will commence upon arrival.