EDC Hires New Executive Director

The Economic Development Council of Mason County has appointed Jennifer Baria as its new executive director. Jennifer joined the EDC 13 years ago and has been managing the organization’s day-to-day activities through the departure of two executive directors.

“While we spoke and met with a number of qualified individuals, we quickly realized that Jennifer was the right person for the job,” said EDC Board of Directors Chair James Thomas. “When the previous Executive Directors left, she stepped in and continued to carry our EDC’s mission without skipping a beat, and we saw that she has the leadership and commitment that we needed in a new executive director. She has a contagious enthusiasm, a tremendous passion for the job and the county, and a fantastic ability to collaborate with all the different communities within Mason County, our region and throughout Washington. This is just another exciting time for EDC, and the start of a new chapter in Mason County’s extraordinary story.”

“I am very grateful to the EDC Board of Directors for offering me the Executive Director position, and I am excited to take on this new leadership challenge,” said Baria. “Over the past 13 years, I have really gotten to know and work closely with the Mason County business community, so I look forward to continuing to advance their and the county’s economic development goals.”