Result of Forest Festival Goldsborough Creek Run & Walk

At the 2018 Mason County Forest Festival Goldsborough Creek Run & Walk Saturday, a new course record was set in the male two-mile run by 17-year-old William Johnson. The Shelton High School student ran the course with a time of 9:36, beating  the previous record set in 2010 by Jacob Smith from Wenatchee. The top female runner in the two-mile was Sarah Johnson, with a time of 11:32. There were 70 entries for this event.

In the seven-mile run, the overall male winner was Matt Lowe, with a time of 39:31. The top female was Sarah Paquet of Olympia with a time of 53.01.There were 44 entries for this event.

The overall female winner in the seven-mile walk  was Sarah Richards of Hoodsport, with a time of 1:23:48. While the top male overall winner was Ken Stodden of Shelton, with a time of 1:23:56. There were 35 entries for this event.