Candidate Filing Wraps Up; Ballot Order Set

The candidate filing week wrapped up Friday with a fury of filings. most notably for 35th District and Congressional races. Also, the order candidates will appear on the ballot in Mason County has been set.

In the 35th Legislative District, a third Republican filed on Friday for State Senator. George Sevier joins John (Wes) Martin and Marco Brown as GOP candidates, and Democrat Irene Bowling in challenging incumbent Democrat Tim Shelton.

Two Democrats filed Friday for 35th District State Representative Poslition 1. James Thomas of Shelton and Nik Grobins of Rochester are challenging incumbent Republican Dan Griffey.

In the 35th District State Representative Position 2 race, Democrate David Daggett is challenging incumbent Republican Drew MacEwen.

A third candidate entered the race for U.S. Representative in the 6th Congressional District. Tyler Myles Vega from Tacoma who prefers the Progressive Party joins Republican Douglas Dightman from Shelton in challenging incumbent Democrat Derek Kilmer.

A fourth candidate entered the 10th Congressional District race. Tamborine Borrelli from Yelm who prefers the Independent Progressive Party joins Yelm Republican Joseph Brumbles and Tacoma’s Nancy Dailey Slotnick from the Independent Centrist Party in challenging incumbent Democrat Denny Heck.

The only change for Mason County races is for Assessor. Patti McLean (states no party preference) is challenging incumbent Democrat Melody Peterson.

The ballot order was set Friday.

Here is the order the candidates for Mason County Commissioner District 3 will appear:

Sharon Trask (Prefers Republican Party)

Mary Jo Cady (Prefers G.O.P. Party)

Kathy Chaussee (Prefers Independent Party)

Kevin Schmelzlen (Prefers Democratic Party)

Here is the order the candidtes for Mason County District Court Judge will appear:

Eric Valley

George A. Steele

Eugene C. Austin

John R. Bonin

Stephen D. Greer

For Mason County Sheriff, the order is:

Darin Holland (State No Party Preference)

Casey Salisbury (Prefers Democratic Party)

For Mason County Assessor:

Melody Peterson (Prefers Democratic Party)

Patti McLean (States No Party Preference)

The following candidates are running unopposed.

Paddy McGuires for Mason County Auditor

Sharon (Moore) Fogo for Maso County Clerk

Wes Stockwell for Mason County Coroner

Michael Dorcy for Mason County Prosecutor

Elisabeth (Lisa) Frazier for Mason County Treasurer

Monty Cobb for Mason County Superior Court Judge Position 2

Jack Janda for Mason County Public Utiltiy Distrit 1 Commissioer District 3

Bruce Jorgenson for Mason County Public Utility District 3 Commissioner District 3

The Primary Election is August 7th. The General Election is November 6th.