Day 3 of Candidate Filing

Candidate filings slowed on Wednesday, the third day of candidate filing week.

Here are the most notable filings so far for Mason County:

Four people have filed for Mason County Commissioner District No. 3: Sharon Trask (Prefers Republican Party), Mary Jo Cady (Prefers G.O.P Party), Kathy Shaussee (Prefers Independent Party) and Kevin Schmelzlen (Prefers Democratic Party). Terri Drexler currently holds the commission seat and is not seeking re-election.

Four have filed for Mason County District Court Judge: Eric Valley, Eugene C. Austin, John R. Bonin and Stephen D. Greer.

Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury is being challenged by Darin Holand.

With the exception of Mason County Auditor, the incumbents for the other Mason County seats up for election this fall have filed to retain their positions. So far, no one has filed for Auditor although Steve Van Denover and Paddy McGuire announced their intentions to run for the seat currently held by Karen Herr who is not seeking re-election

Incumbent Democrat Tim Sheldon has drawn two challengers in the race for 35th District State Senator: Democrat Irene Bowling and Republican Marco Brown.
Incumbent Republicans Dan Griffey and Drew MacEwen, so far, are unopposed for their respective 35th District State Representative seats.

In the congressional races, incumbent Democrat Derek Kilmer is being challenged by Republican Douglas Dightman for 6th District U.S. Representative. And incumbent Democrat Denny Heck has two challengers so far: Republican Joseph Brumbles and Nancy Daily Slotnick from the Independent Centrist Party.

In the race for U.S. Senator, 16 people have filed for the seat currently held by Maria Cantwell including eight republicans, three Democrats, three Independents, a Libertarian and one from the Human Rights Party. However, the incumbent Democrat has yet to file.

Candidate filing ends the close of business Friday.