County Appoints Five to Budget Committee

The Mason County Commission appointed five residents to the Mason County Citizens Advisory Committee. The members are Tamara Ingwaldson, James Sims, Cheryl Williams, Astrid Pearson and Jeff Carey. These five residents will review and develop recommendations to the County Commissioners on the following:

a. Recommend Budget Priorities based on mandates.
b. Recommend how to close the funding gap between expenditures and revenues.
c. Examine and evaluate new revenue sources and new revenue options and provide recommendations on which to pursue.
d. Define and recommend alternative budgeting methods, i. e. zero based, line item authority, biennial.
e. Define opportunities to better manage expenditures and revenues growth.
f. Establish recommendations for a county wide sustainable budget.

A report containing recommendations should be received by the Board of Commissioners by July 31, 2018.

Mason County Commissioner Terri Drexler will serve as the Committee’s Chair.