Kitsap County Police Pursuit Ends in Belfair

A police chase that started in Kitsap County ended in Belfair early Monday. According to the State Patrol, the pursuit began around 1 AM when Kitsap County Sheriff’s Deputies attempted to stop a 1999 Mercedes. The driver of the Mercedes failed to stop and led deputies south on Highway 3.

In Gorst, two of the pursuing Sheriff vehicles collided. The lead 2017 Ford Explorer slowed for traffic but the SUV behind it (another 2017 Ford Explorer) was unable to stop in time and struck the rear of the first Explorer as the Mercedes continued southbound. No one was injured. The lead SUV was towed from the scene while the other was driven away. .

Meanwhile, the fleeing vehicle entered Mason County and a Mason County Sheriff’s Deputy joined the chase with two other Kitsap units. At milepost 26 (near Byerly Drive), one of the Kitsap County vehicles (a 2017 Ford Explorer) performed a PIT (Pursuit Intervention Technique) Maneuver on the fleeing Mercedes. The running car spun around and was sideways in the highway. The Mason County unit (a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe) and the Kitsap Explorer attempted to block in the Mercedes. The two police vehicles made contact with each other while the Explorer also contacted the rear driver’s side door of the fleeing car and the Tahoe pushed on the front driver’s side of the Mercedes. The other Kitsap unit (a 2013 Ford Taurus) blocked any forward movement of the fleeing car but did not make contact.

The 31-year-old Port Orchard man driving the Mercedes fled the scene on foot and was later apprehended.

No one was injured but the incident blocked State Route 3 for about an hour and a half.

The investigation continues.