Watch Out for Wet Paint on City Streets

This coming Tuesday, May 8th crews will be applying a fresh coat of paint on roadway markings throughout the City of Shelton. Striping will begin first thing in the morning at approximately 7:00 AM, and will conclude at approximately 4:00 PM.

Traffic controllers will be present directing traffic around freshly painted areas. Significant traffic control will be present during morning hours on Olympic Highway North from “K” Street to Wallace Kneeland Boulevard.

What can I do to avoid wet paint?

  • Never pass the striping truck
  • Never change lanes behind the striping truck
  • Do not swerve back and forth to see around the paint truck
  • If parked, wait at least 5 minute before driving on freshly painted surfaces

How fast does the striping paint dry?

The actual dry time will vary by temperature. The “no-track” time for paint in normal weather conditions is approximately 2 minutes. The warmer it is, the quicker it gets to a “no-track” state, which means that a car traveling 40 mph crossing the line will not track the paint onto the lane. Cooler pavement temperatures equate to longer “no-track” and dry times. Be aware that even on warm days, shaded areas remain cooler and may still have wet paint when the rest has already dried.

What happens if I drive over wet paint?

Not only will you splatter paint onto your vehicle and smear the roadway, you may also create an unsafe driving condition. Striping paint includes thousands of tiny glass reflector beads that are designed to be clearly visible when illuminated by headlights. The reflective lane stripe helps drivers see the road at night and in the rain. When you drive over the paint you remove these beads.