City Council Election Result Official

The results from the Shelton City Council election are now official. Friday morning, election officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office released the final numbers.

Eric Onisko takes Council Member No. 4 over Jason Coots 903 votes (67.04%) to 444 votes (32.96%).
Deidre Peterson edged Marily Vogler 709 votes (52.44%) to 643 votes (47.56%) for Council Member No. 5.
Joe Schmit won Council Member No. 6 over Bailee Syrek 810 votes (59.43%) to 563 votes (40.57%).
Bob Rogers knocked off former Shelton City Commissioner Tracy Moore for Council Member No. 7. Rogers finished iwth 754 votes (54.36%) to 633 votes (45.64%).

The four new Shelton City Council members will be sworn in at 7 PM on May 15th. The three current commissioners (Kathy McDowell, Gary Cronce and Kevin Dorcy) complete the seven member council.

Also finalized Friday was the Southside School District’s replacement levy which passed with 54.83 percent voting in favor. That’s 335 voting “Yes” and 276 voting “No”.

Total ballots counted for this special election were 2,026. The turnout was 33.9 percent.