No Changes in Election Results

No significant changes in the latest results from Tuesday Special Election. Election officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office counted 159 additional ballots Wednesday bringing the total returned to 2,007 and increasing the turnout to 33.58 percent.

In the races for Shelton City Council:

Eric Onisko increased his lead on Jason Coots for Council Member No. 4. Onisko has 897 votes (66.94%) to Coots’ 443 (33.06%). Tuesday night, Onisko led by 419 votes. His lead now is 454 votes.

The gap between Deidre Peterson and Marilyn Vogler for Council Member No. 4 decreased slightly. Peterson still leads with 705 votes (52.48%) to Vogler’s 639 votes (47.54%). The difference Tuesday night was 74 voites. It is now 66.

In the race for Council Member No. 5, Joe Schmit increased his lead on Bailee Syrek slightly. Schmit has garnered 807 votes (59.6%) to Syrek’s 547 (40.4%). The difference between the candidates is now 260 votes. Up from 231 Tuesday night.

Bob Rogers lead on Tracy Moore has narrowed slightly in the race for Council Member No 7. Rogers now has 749 votes (54.35%) to Moore’s 629 (45.65%). The difference is down 19 votes from Tuesday from 139 to 120.

And the Southside School District replacement levy is still passing now with a 54.74% approval rate. That’s 329 voting “Yes” and 272 voting “No”.

The next ballot count is scheduled for May 3rd and the numbers are not expected to change before the election is certified on May 4th. Once the election is certified, the new seven-member Shelton City Council will be sworn in and their first meeting is set for May 15th.