City Launches Economic Development Strategic Planning Survey

The City of Shelton has launched an economic development strategic planning process to guide the city’s economic growth over the next five years. Everyone is invited to participate in this collaborative planning process by completing the community survey linked below. The objective is to find out more about what economic issues matter most to Shelton residents, and how best to work together as a community to address those issues.

Input received through the survey will be used to guide the development of the city’s Economic Development Strategic Plan. The plan will be published later this year, and will provide specific recommendations to improve the quality of life for Shelton’s citizens by 1) creating new jobs; 2)
stimulating business growth and investment; 3) increasing the overall wealth of the community; and 4) growing the tax base, thereby providing more resources for better infrastructure and services, such as roads, utilities, parks, education, law enforcement, etc. The plan will be supported by an
implementation strategy that will outline the tools needed to effectively execute on the recommendations.

The City wants to hear from as many people as possible in the community so that officials are aligned around a common set of guiding principles, values, and goals. Please take a moment to complete the survey and share the survey link with your colleagues, friends, and family.


Visit the Economic Development Strategic Plan project page on the city’s website to learn more: