Shelton Marina: Sell It? Repair It? Port Wants to Hear from You

The Port of Shelton is seeking input from the public on the future of Oakland Bay Marina. Port officials want to hear your thoughts and ideas. What would you like to see done with the Shelton marina? Should the Port sell it? Is there a private entity that would take over management? What about a public/private partnerships? Is the marina an asset or liability? These are just some of the questions the Port is trying to answer.

Friday, MasonWebTV Powered by HCC sat down with Port of Shelton Executive Director Wendy Smith and Port of Shelton Commissioner Kristy Buck to talk about Oakland Bay Marina.

The Port of Shelton Commission is holding a series of community forums. The first was April 3rd during the Port Commission’s business meeting.
The second is 10 AM Saturday, April 14th in the Commission Chambers at the Port office, 21 W. Sanderson Way.
And the third meeting is 6 PM Wednesday, April 18th in the PUD 3 Auditorium, 2621 E Johns Prairie Road.

If you are unable to attend, one of the forums, you can provide input by emailing or by calling the Port 360-426-1151.
There is also a Port Commission meeting at 2 PM Tuesday, April 17th.

MasonWebTV Powered by HCC will be recording the April 18th forum for the Port of Shelton.