County Commission Briefed on Sewer Lagoon

The Mason County Commission was briefed Monday on a sewer lagoon to be built for Bio Recycling Corporation’s North Ranch location on Webb Hill near Union. Kell Rowan, Senior Planner with Mason County Department of Community Services, was joined by officials from the State Department of Ecology, Bio Recycling Corporation and several consultants to explain the project to the Commissioners.

A Determination of Non Significance (DNS) has been issued for the project and comments are being accepted until April 12, 2018. Comments can be emailed to

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2 thoughts on “County Commission Briefed on Sewer Lagoon”

  1. The North Branch briefing was fantastic. Thank you Dedrick for providing us such a great service. I encourage all of our Mason County residents to view this briefing as it is very informative as to the septic disposal site on Web Hill which I have been monitoring since 2007.

    My main concern is that our county needs to be closely monitoring this site for health reasons and as someday, if and when it fails, and the company declares bankruptcy, who would pay for the cleanup? I think it would be all of our Mason County residents and the cleanup costs would be more than we could pay. I encourage our county to monitor this site on a continuing basis and require the owner to have a long term insurance policy to cover any such unforeseen costs.

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