SPI Foundation Funds Active Shooter Response Training

Sierra Pacific Foundation has donated funds to the Shelton Police Department to purchase equipment for active shooter response training. The Foundation donated $2,746 to the Department’s training fund. The funds were used to purchase four FX-Simunition guns and associated training equipment. The FX guns are modeled after the officer’s standard service pistol, and shoot a relatively harmless paint projectile round. This allows officers to create very realistic training scenarios, resulting in better emergency preparation and response capabilities.

“Public safety and community partnerships are at the forefront of everything SDP does,” said Lieutenant Mike Fiola. “These tools provide us the opportunity to effectively train and prepare for incidents we hope never occur in our community. However, if the unthinkable happens, we will be ready to respond.”

The Shelton Police Department continually strives to provide its officers with the most up to date training, but training costs often present limitations. In the wake of recent school shootings, Shelton Police partnered with the Sierra Pacific Foundation for this purchase.

The new equipment is already being utilized in active shooter response training with the Shelton School District.