City to Pay to Defend Cronce & McDowell

The City of Shelton is hiring an outside attorney to defend Mayor Gary Cronce and City Commissioner Kathy McDowell in a recall hearing set for Monday, March 26, 2018. In a unanimous vote during a special meeting Tuesday, the City Commission authorized the City hire an attorney despite public testimony urging Cronce and McDowell to pay for their own defense or at least have them repay the costs if the recall is successful.

The 1:30 PM  hearing is the next step to see if the recall will go to the petition phase prior to going to a vote of the people.

If a judge determines malfeasance and/or misfeasance by Cronce and/or McDowell then recall proponents, lead by former City Commissioner Mike Olsen, would need to gather signatures from City of Shelton registered voters.

To qualify for a vote, the petition for the recall of Cronce would need 571 signatures and the petition for the recall of McDowell need 514 signatures. The Election Division in the Mason County Auditor’s would need to verify that the signatures are from registered voters in the City of Shelton.

If the recall effort makes it through all phases, the earliest possible election would be the August Primary.

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