Updated Election Results as of 12 PM 2/14/18

Wednesday, the Elections Department in the Mason County Auditor’s Office counted 654 additional ballots from Tuesday’s election and there were slight changes in the results.

For Shelton City Council Member No. 4, Eric Onisko picked up a few votes and now leads with 606 votes or 46.4 percent. Jason Coots follows with 404 votes or 30.93 percent. And Jess Mosely now 296 votes or 22.66 percent.

The top two candidates for Shetlon City Council Member No. 5 are still Marilyn Vogler (now with 35.23% or 458 votes) and Deidre Peterson (now with 28.77% or 374 votes). Josh Johnson now trails Peterson by 74 votes (23.08% or 300 votes). And the fourth candidate in the race, David Brown, now has 12.82% or 168 votes.

The latest number for the five running for Shelton City Council Member No. 6 still shows Bailee Syrek as the leader now with 30.18 percent of the vote (379 votes). Followed by Joe Schmit who now has 26.75 percent (336 votes). Sam Pettis trails Schmitt by 57 votes with 22.21 percent (279 votes). Steve Thompson has 12.74 percent (160 votes). And Charles Orthmann has 8.12 percent (102 votes).

Tracy Moore has increased her lead on Bob Rogers to 41-votes in the race for Shelton City Council Member No. 7. Moore now has 44.86 percent (581 votes) to Rogers’ 41.7 percent (540 votes). The third candidate in the race, Mary Eagleson, now has 13.44 percent (174 votes).

WIth few ballots remaining to be counted, Onsiko and Coots will advance to the April General Election in the Council Member No. 4 race; Vogler and Peterson will face off for Council Member No. 5; Syrek will take on Schmitt for Council Member No. 6; and Moore and Rogers are the top two candidates in the race for Council Member No. 7.

There is still an even split in the Hood Canal and Pioneer school districts when it comes to building a fourth high school in the county but the construction bonds for a cooperative high school are coming up short of the 60 percent needed to pass.
The latest numbers now show Pioneer voters are slightly in favor of the measure with 1,586 voting to approve (50.91%) and 1,529 voting to reject (49.09%).
In the Hood Canal School District, 51.9 percent of the voters (1,009 votes) are in favor of the construction bond while 48.1 percent (935 votes) are against.
But again the measure needs 60 percent from both Districts to pass.

Southside School District’s education enrichment levy is still failing now with 55.56 percent voting “No” (310 votes) and 44.44 percent voting “Yes” (248 votes).

Mary M. Knight’s education enrichment levy is now passing with 61.52 percent in favor. That’s 203 voting “Yes” and 1127 voting “No”.

The next ballot count is scheduled for 4 PM February 22. So far, election officials have counted 7,346 ballots making the turnout for this special election 39.56 percent.