Shelton Bowling 5th in State

The Shelton girls’ bowling team placed 5th in the State Saturday. The Highclimbers finished with 6,901 pins, a high game of 873 and a high baker game of 203.

Picture courtesy of Shawna Whelan Images. More pics available by clicking here.

Top Shelton bowler was Dreann Merriman who finished 10th with 1,082 pins and a high game of 201.
Other Highclimber bowlers:
Kaylee Slone (981 pins; high game of 200)
Courtney Chamberlin (923 pins; high game of 179)
Kaylee Schilter (909 pins; high game of 185)
Rebecca Robinson (890 pins; high game of 202)
Annalee Schilter and Taiyler Brown did not bowl.