Threat at SHS NOT Credible

The Shelton School District released the following in response to a threat of a possible shooting at the Shelton High School which officials have determined is NOT credible:

Shelton School District received a report of a threat pertaining to a possible school shooting at Shelton High School today (Monday, January 29, 2018).  Shelton Police Department was contacted immediately.

There is no imminent threat at this time.  The Shelton Police Department is investigating the threat and contacting involved parties. Again, there is no viable threat at this time.

Shelton School District takes the safety and security of our students, families and staff VERY seriously.  If there is ever a viable threat, the District will contact parents directly by telephone, as well as post information on our website and social media.  As always, parents can keep their students at home if they feel it is in their best interest.

The High School staff is also helping students with their feelings after the death of a student.

In a letter to parents, Principal Jennifer Deyette, explains that a student passed away on Friday and the school is providing the necessary resources to help students deal with issues of shock, grief, and bereavement.

“The Shelton High School family, staff, and students alike have come together during this crisis and responded to the situation with caring, concern, and attention to the needs of one another,” Deyette writes.

“Supporting your teen through grief is a very hard part of parenting a teenager. Letting teenagers talk to each other, express feelings, contact the school counselors and move through grief at his/her own pace is important. We all respond to grief in different ways. Some of us experience feelings immediately while others may appear confused or dazed. Anger, indifference and general discomfort are also normal.”

The principal urges parents monitor their child’s behavior for the next few days and says parents are free to call the school, counselors or staff with questions or concerns at 360-426-4471.