$6 Million in Capital Funding for Shelton

Shelton City Manager Ryan Wheaton Monday thanked members of the 35th State Legislative District Delegation (Senator Tim Sheldon, and State Representatives Drew MacEwen and Dan Griffey) for their hard work in securing $6 million in capital funding for the long-awaited Basin 3 Sewer Rehabilitation Project, and an upcoming low-income housing development that will quickly move people from homelessness into secure housing. 

The $3 million in capital budget funds earmarked for the Basin 3 Rehabilitation Project will replace old, failing sewer system infrastructure that has deteriorated beyond the point of repair. This will eliminate the current inflow and infiltration issues, and dramatically improve the city’s wastewater management system. Construction is expected to start in March 2018.

An additional $3 million was allocated to provide grants for high quality, low-income housing projects. The grants will serve projects with a total development cost of less than $125,000 per unit, excluding the value of land. Funds can be used to plan, predesign, design, provide technical assistance and financial services, and purchase land for the development of innovative, low-income housing units.

“We applaud our State Legislative Delegation for working so hard to secure this capital funding for the City of Shelton,” said City Manager Ryan Wheaton. “This infusion of money will allow us to complete the critical Basin 3 Rehabilitation Project without incurring additional debt, and take a large step forward in establishing low-income housing options in our region.”