City Employee of the Month: Jeri Tidd

Jeri Tidd, Community Service Supervisor in Shelton Municipal Court was selected as Employee of the Month for the month of January 2018.

“This honor is long overdue for Jeri,” said Court Administrator Dyan Smolinsky. “She has been a model employee for the City of Shelton since she began her position.”

As noted by those that work closely with Jeri, she has excellent supervisory skills working with people who are serving their court sentence. She holds them accountable for completing their service and is timely in filing noncompliance reports. She keeps excellent records and has those records readily available.

Jeri is also a great co-worker. She takes great pride in our city. This shows in the way she digs right in with her community service crews, working alongside them to complete a variety of projects, including picking up liter, trimming overgrown bushes, raking leaves, and cleaning out creeks.

Jeri is a great example to her community service crew members, city staff, and the Shelton community.