“Marijuana Monday” for House Committee

State lawmakers kicked off week two of the 2018 legislative session with “Marijuana Monday” in Olympia. Dan Frizzell from the Washington State House Democratic Caucus has more.

The House Commerce and Gaming Committee took public comments Monday on a half-dozen bills dealing with Washington’s young but prosperous marijuana industry. The bills, some introduced by Democrats and others by Republicans, dealt with topics as varied as lab testing of pot products, personal cultivation of cannabis plants, and home deliveries to qualifying medical marijuana patients. Kirkland Democrat Shelley Kloba sponsored that last bill. It started last year when she visited a retail marijuana store with other members of the committee.

KLOBA: “There were two different patients coming in with some physical disabilities.  One used a walker, one used a power chair. And I’ve come to the understanding that there are additional barriers to getting access to the medical products that a patient might need. I just wanted to find a way that we could address this lack of access to medication in ways that don’t penalize people.” 

The committee should vote on the pot bills within a few days before recommending some or all for a vote by the full House.