Change to City Commission Meeting Schedule

As part of the transition to a council-manager form of government, city commissioners voted to amend a section of the Shelton Municipal Code, changing the day and time of city commission meetings. Starting in 2018, city commission meetings, and later city council meetings, will be held at the Shelton Civic Center on the first and third Tuesday of every month starting at 7:00 PM. Commission meetings have previously been held every Monday at either 2:00 or 6:00 PM.

City staff presented the commission with an analysis of the city council meeting times of twelve nearby cities. All twelve of the cities that were considered hold council meetings on a Tuesday. Eleven of the twelve cities start council meetings at 7:00 PM and convene only twice per month. Shelton commissioners approved the change to reflect the regional norm in an effort to improve operating efficiencies and increase public accessibility.

There are several benefits to switching from weekly commission meetings on a rotating time schedule.  The later meeting time allows more people to attend city commission meetings. Residents that commute for work were often unable to attend either the early or late meetings. City staff will also have more time to prepare commission briefings and administrative reports prior to each meeting.

One of the determining factors for several people who considered running for a seat on the new city council was the council meeting time and frequency. The later meeting time and reduced meeting frequency affords more people the potential opportunity to serve on the council.