Shelton City Council Draws 15 Candidates

The four new Shelton City Council seats have drawn 15 candidates. After the special three-day filing period ended Wednesday, election officials with the Mason County Auditor’s Office drew lots to set the ballot order for the February 13th Primary Election. Here are the candidates in the order they will appear on the ballot:

Shelton City Council Member No. 4
Eric Onisko
Jason Coots
Jessie (Jess) Mosley

Shelton City Council Member No. 5
Marilyn Vogler
Deidre Peterson
David C. Brown
Josh Johnson

Shelton City Council Member No. 6
Steve Thompson
Charles Orthmann
Bailee Syrek
Sam Pettis
Joe Schmit

Shelton City Council Member No. 7
Bob Rogers
Tracy Moore
Mary Eagleson

The top two vote-getters in each race will advance to the April 24th General Election.

MasonWebTV Powered by HCC invites each candidate to email a short bio, picture and other campaign information to