Skokomish River Levee Breach

A levee breach along the Skokomish River was a topic of discussion during Tuesday’s Mason County Commission meeting as an advisory about the beach was read and residents voiced their concerns. State Senator Tim Sheldon was among those to speak.

County officials are alerting Skokomish Valley residents to damage sustained to a private levee on the River by the recent storms. The damaged levee is located on the south side of the North Fork and South Fork Skokomish River confluence. Levee failure or potential river avulsion could create a hazard near the 3500 block of Skokomish Valley Road. A preliminary evaluation of the levee has been completed and further inspection will occur this week to determine what emergency repairs may be necessary.

Valley resident are asked to monitor water of the Skokomish Valley Road near the 3000 to 3500 block and to alert MACECOM or Mason County Emergency Management if the flow becomes deeper than one foot. Residents should be prepared to shelter in place or evacuate should this occur.

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