Shelton Officers Fired; No Charges in Beating Homeless Man

The two Shelton Police officers investigated for beating a homeless man in May have been fired and will not be charged.

According to a news release, the officers’ terminations were effective November 6, 2017 and followed an internal investigation of their actions on May 25, 2017 which revealed several violations of Shelton Police Department Policies.

Monday, Mason County Prosecutor, Mike Dorcy announced his decision not to file any criminal charges against the former employees of the Shelton Police Department.

The news release says the decision by the Prosecutor does not affect the personnel decision by the City of Shelton. “The criminal investigation and filing decision rest with solely with the Mason County Prosecutor.”

The news release ends with “The Shelton Police Department is appreciative of the community trust and support shown during the last several months. We are continuing to move forward as a department and foster strong partnerships within our community.

“The department has extensive operational policies and training procedures in place to ensure that officers are prepared to protect our community in all situations. The Shelton Police Department will continue to examine its policies and procedures as we are committed to ensuring the public’s trust to protect and serve.”

The incident was captured by body cameras. That footage was released in July.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office completed an investigation into the incident. A report on that investigation says “It does not appear that this level of force was necessary…” or “reasonable”. The report goes on to conclude “Since the use of force was not necessary or reasonable, it is therefore unlawful.” Saying the officers “intentionally assaulted” the subject and “thereby recklessly inflicted substantial bodily harm, thus being Assault 2nd degree.”